Thursday, April 19, 2007

Brief Life Sketch of Bhagavan Ramana - 11

Hare Krishna Friends,
Let us continue with the divya charitram of Sri Bhagavan.

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As time went by, people throughout the world came to know that Sri Bhagavan was the living embodiment of all that is taught in the Bible, Tirukkural, Gita and Upanishads, and were attracted to His Feet. Forgetting the national differences such as Indian and foreigner and the religious differences such as Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc, from far and abroad they flocked to the Feet of the Master and adored Him, for such was their conviction that He was indeed the Guru of their own religion! Many among them achieved true knowledge, some by merely seeing Him, some by living in His divine presence, some by dedicating themselves wholeheartedly to His service and some by following His teachings.

The first president of India , Dr.Rajendra Prasad, once went to the ashram of Mahatma Gandhi and said, “Bapuji, I have come to you for peace!” The abode of peace was known well to Gandhiji and hence he advised, “If you want peace, go to Sri Ramanashramam and remain for a few days in the presence of Sri Ramana Maharshi, without talking or asking any question.” Dr.Rajendra Prasad accordingly arrived at Sri Ramanashramam on 14th August 1938. Though those who accompanied him spent their time in asking Sri Bhagavan questions regarding spiritual matters and in visiting all the places on the Hill where Maharshi had lived, Dr.Rajendra Prasad did not move away from the presence of Sri Bhagavan. Besides, according to the advice of Gandhiji, he spent the whole of that week without raising any question or doubt. At the time of his taking leave of Sri Bhagavan, he approached Him and humbly enquired, “O Bhagavan, it was Gandhiji himself who sent me here. Is there any messages that I may take to him?”

Sri Bhagavan graciously answered: “The same Power which works here is working there also! Where is the need for words when heart speaks to heart?” There are unique words of wisdom revealing the secret that it is the one Supreme Thing alone that governs the whole universe through all the innumerable jeevas! Just like Dr.Rajendra Prasad and Gandhiji, all men of high position and power, all great poets, scholars, politicians, philosophers, and religious leaders who lived in the country during His time praised the glory of His Jnana.

The golden jubilee of Sri Ramana's coming to stay at Thiruvannamalai was celebrated in 1946. From the day He set foot in Thiruvannamalai, He did not move away even for a minute, but lived there continuously for fifty-four years. In 1947 His health began to fail. He was not yet seventy, but looked much older. Towards the end of 1948 a lump appeared below the elbow of his left arm. Though at first it seemed to be very small, even after two operations it grew bigger and bigger, bleeding continuously and profusely, and proved to be a sarcoma. All kinds of treatment were tried, including radium application, but in vain. Even after the fourth operation, which was done on the 19th of December 1949, the disease was not cured. Though this operation was a major one, Sri Bhagavan still refused to be given chloroform. When asked by a devotee whether there was any pain, Sri Bhagavan replied, “Even the pain is not apart from us!” Just as the teeth which bite our tongue are not other than us, and just as the thief who beat Sri Bhagavan was not viewed by Him as other than Himself, so also, even the disease which was ravaging His body was not other than He (Self). So wonder-inspiring was His Jnana!

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