Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Brief Life Sketch of Bhagavan Ramana - 07

Hare Krishna,

My humble prostrations to all. Let us continue with the life sketch of Bhagavan Ramana.

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Soon after His mother’s first visit, Sri Ramana moved to Virupaksha cave. It was in those years that the swarm of disciples gathered around Him to drink the nectar of instructions flowing from the fully bloomed lotus of Jnana. Yes, ‘When the tree yields ripe fruit, does one need to call the fruit-bats?”. Sri Bhagavan’s mere gracious and silent presence shone as the Sun-of-Self and cleared the doubt of the devotees and blossomed their hearts. The young Sri Ramana was only about 20 years old at that time, but the disciples who came to Him with a hunger Jnana were much older and very learned!

chitram vata tharor mole vruddha sishya Guror Yuva
gurostu mounam vyakhyanam sishyasthu chhina samshayaha
- Dakshinamurthy Dhyana Slokas

“How wonderful! Young was the Guru who shone under the Banyan tree and aged were the disciples who came! Silence was the speech given by the beloved Guru, and the doubts in the disciple’s mind were cleared!”

-the same wonder happened in the presence of Sri Ramana!

Though the world was able to receive some instructions from Him in writing, and later orally also, there were many aspirants whose doubts have all been cleared and who have been saved by His mere silent presence.

“Silence is the unequalled eloquence-
the state of grace that raise within”

-Sri Bhagavan

‘Silence is the unfailing teaching (Upadesha). Writing or speech cannot stand equal to it; sometimes they may even be an obstruction!’ - Thus says Sri Ramana.

One of the books that was brought to Bhagavan during this period was Sankara's Vivekacudamani which later on He rendered into Tamil prose. There were also some simple unlettered folk that came to him for solace and spiritual guidance. One of them was Echammal who having lost her husband, son, and daughter, was disconsolate till the fates guided her to Ramana's presence. She made it a point to visit the Svami every day and took upon herself the task of bringing food for him as well as for those who lived with him.

In 1900, Gambhiram Seshayyar who was making efforts on the path of Raja Yoga often visited Sri Ramana and, whenever Bhagavan opened His eyes from Samadhi, would ask Him questions regarding Spiritual practices. Gambhiram Seshayyar would give Sri Ramana a piece of paper and a pen to write His replies; the replies written by Sri Ramana on such occasion were afterwards edited by Sri Natananandar and Published by the Ashram in the original Tamil under the title “Vichara Sangraham”. The work “Nan Yaar?” (Who am I?) was received from Sri Ramana in a similar manner by Sri Sivaprakasham Pillai. Though small in size, this work has now become famous on account of its power to save humanity by showing the right way to the Supreme benefit. The answer given by Sri Ramana to the questions of Sri Natananandar have become the work “Upadesha Manjari”.

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We will continue the next day.



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