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Conquest Anger

Hare Krishna Friends,
The following excerpt is drawn from the book “Exalting Elucidations”.

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When a person sets his mind on external objects, he develops an attachment to them. This generates a desire to possess them. If he is unable to get them, he is angry and frustrated. This anger reduces his judgment and discrimination, which in turn, leads to the forgetting of good things her has learnt. At this stage his sense of right and wrong disappears. Such a person becomes incompetent to do the things that are good for him and avoid the things that are bad for him.

In keeping with the scriptural teachings, Acharya has taught that one has to strive to conquer anger in order to enjoy peace of mind. In a speech, he took up a verse from Bhagavtpada’s Shatasloki and highlighted the need to quell anger for getting great benefits both here and hereafter and also ultimate liberation. Acharya said that anger has to be won over by practicing forgiveness, Kshama.

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Experiences of Devotees

The following excerpt is drawn from the book “Exalting Elucidations”. Sri Nagendra Rao (a devotee of Acharya) shares his experience as follows..

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After my graduation from the Indian Instituted of Management, Calcutta in 1968, I joined a leading textile manufacturing firm. There, I often had to take my subordinates, some of them old enough to be my father, to task. I felt that I was being rude with them and therefore was disgusted with myself. I met Acharya at Sringeri and explained my state of mind. When we were together the same afternoon, Acharya suddenly got up and proceeded with great speed, beckoning me to follow him. We quickly reached the Sharadambal temple where a new gopura was being built. Some workers were found to be idling, instead of attending to their tasks. Acharya climbed the scaffolding with great agility and then proceeded to reprimand them in no uncertain terms. Acharya them climbed down rapidly and walked back towards the bridge. His face bore a delightful smile directed at me. I was completely astounded to see how someone who seemed so red faced, choleric and in a sense almost abusive in his haranguing the laborers could suddenly seem to be so peaceful and jolly. It was only several days later that I gradually came to understand the impact of His Holiness’ action on that day. What in effect His Holiness was telling me through action, even more eloquently than by word, was that sometimes it is absolutely necessary to be hard on some people when more gentle methods of giving instructions might be somewhat lost. But more important than this was the message that all this must be carried on like an actor playing a part on stage rather than becoming identified with the emotion evinced.

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